Tuesday, 14 October 2014


A week before Aidiladha's break i make a plan with eena. The plan is just to lepak2 and jalan2 together je at first sbb dah lama tak jumpa kan. Then somehow eena came up with a plan,

' chot jom tengok Annabelle. Midnight movie punya. N i was like serious r u nak ajak i tengok horror movie ni ? Tengah malam pulak tu. Are u kidding me? '

Among my friends i'm known as someone yang coward. Coward as in horror movie will never be my first option to watch at cinema. In fact i can still remember vividly the last time i actually watch a horror movie in cinema. Its Highland Tower, awal tahun lepas kot. Tu pon lepas kena paksa dengan eena and aten n we almost bertekak outside the cinema because i don't wanna watch that. I just don't. But since eena and aten insisting kan what can i do. 2 vs 1. I'm the losing side. N yep i scream couple of times throughout the movie sbb ade few scene yg terkejut2. Well its not just me yang menjerit dlm tu. Ramai ok. So its not that embarassing i guess.

Here comes the muvehhh. To be honest i haven't watch The Conjuring yet but luckily i still understand Annabelle's story line. I guess both of this movies somehow not that related kot. Or maybe just like their tagline, 'Before The Conjuring There Was Annabelle'. Entah la.

I came in preparing as in i can pretty much expect my condition while watching the movie. I even warned eena jgn nak bising2 klo i menjerit okay. Its a horror movie after all, what can u expect from me ? But it turns out totally opposite to my expectation. Sekali pon tak menjerit hokayy. Nak bangga sikit. I guess i'm getting brave kot. Or cerita dia memang tak seram ? I just find a lot of absurdity in this movie especially part demon tu and also part that demon demands for Lea's soul. Seriously i just find that totally ridiculous cemane pulak boleh nak mintak2 roh dekat baby pastu siap boleh main sorok2 lagi. LOL. Another paling-tak-boleh-blah-part bila Evelyn yg supposedly ade dekat pintu bilik like in a flash tetiba dah terpacak dekat window pane while holding Annabelle, get ready to jump. Like come on guys u can do better than this kot. The only thing i'm kinda satisfied with is John. He's damn hot kot. Wahahaha. LOL. Forgot to mention that we're not watching yg midnight punya. Pukul 3.30 pm kot kiteorang punya movie time tu.

Movies ended around 6.15pm something kot and i'm kind like hesitating to drive back at that time sbb hujan lebat sangat2 and we can't even get into the car with that kind of weather kan. So we ended up take a stroll dekat supermarket since i wanna buy few stuff to cook for dinner because mum wasn't at home so i need to make my own dinner. And jalan2 dekat ladies department while grab any baju to 'try'. K actually takdela nak try pon yang lebihnya sbb nak selfie dlm fitting room but dont wanna get busted with the salesgirls so we need a facade. LOL. U know when u just did any random stuffs just to kill times. Thats totally us at that time.

I got a request to make Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies for Aidiladha from my aunt and Mom had been requested for so long to make Mac and Cheese. So i'm kinda like why not, buat jelah dua2 tu sekali terus kan. So right after reach home lepas hantar eena dlm pukul 9.30pm something i dah terus sinsing lengan masuk dapur to masak my dinner and also to prep the ingredients for Mac and Cheese n etc. I made Bolognese for dinner. Right after dinner, i started to bake Red Velvet and Congo Bars. N lastly baru buat Mac n Cheese. So yeah after that masak2 session i only realised that its already freaking 6am ! Rasa mcm lama gila masak but then again its just me all alone who did the cookings kan so understandable la kot. I didnt get any sleep at all serious tak sedar. Maybe sbb sambil masak sambil tengok citer Korea kot. LOL.

Right after kemas2 dapur, cecepat masuk tido because i wanna qada' the sleep. LOL. Then that evening pergi 'beraya' rumah sedara and malam tu pulak rush pergi Emergency Ward sbb my lil bros kena asthma attack pulak and we're suppose to go for a vacation the next day at Cameron. N mcm gila kot kena asthma pulak time nak pergi vacay.

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