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Ice Skating and The Maze Runner Date with Baby Biho

Actually this plan has been made like 2 months before but we don't really have any exact date bila nak keluar sesame. To be honest lately i'm like hella busy dengan preparation nak masuk UIA. There's just so much things need to do while i only got literally 2 weeks to settle everything before my enrollment. Paham tak tahap busy tu sampai sejak duduk rumah baru 3 kali je dapat masak. I mean cooking has always been my priority kan. But i'm still insisting to carry on this plan because i just miss Biha so muchhhhhh plus lepas ni mesti susah nak jumpa dah. :(

So on 22OCT2014 we're decided to go to Sunway Pyramid. I'm suppose to arrive at KTM Shah Alam pukul 9.30am tp sbb bangun lambat HAHAHA pukul 9am baru gerak drpd rumah. Seriously drive laju gila nak pergi KTM Kuang pagi tu nasib jalan clear and banyak parking kosong. Unfortunately the train got delayed around 30mins and I reached KL Sentral around 10.15am. Then I need to switch train that heading to Pelabuhan Klang, luckily the train arrived in just like 5mins. Trust me its not easy okay nak pergi Shah Alam naik public transport sampai terpikir nak drive je pergi sana tapi sbb sedar yg diri sendiri ni really bad at ways and directions so padamkan jelah hasrat tu karang buatnya sesat teruk kat situ lagi susah. Rasa gigih sangat nak pergi sana.

So almost 11 barulah jejak KTM Shah Alam and tunggu ayah Biha pickup dekat situ and seriously rasa terharu gila bila ayah Biha risau dengar Chot naik KTM sorang2, and I'm just like,
Rileks pakcik saya memang dah biasa travel naik KTM sorang2. Pernah je travel drpd Perak-Selangor-Negeri Sembilan sorang. No sweat. Hihihi. Pakcik boleh tolong pickup dekat KTM ni pon dah rasa cukup bersyukur plus rasa bersalah at the same time. Terasa mcm menyusahkan pulak.

So the very first thing yg kiteorang buat is beli tiket wayang. We're planning to watch Ouija because the trailer looks so awesome okay. Apa Chot nak tengok horror movie ? Well ramai yg mempertikaikan sebegitu when I told them I wanna watch Ouija but heyyy this little girl has grown up okay. LOL. But the earliest showing time for Ouija is freaking 6.30pm and I was like seriously ? Kalau ambik yg tu entah pukul berapa baru balik. So now its either to watch The Maze Runner or Dracula Untold. After few moments of hesitation we're decided to watch TMR because it has my bae, Dylan O'Brien. LOL. Seriously rasa lame gila sbb TMR dah lama gila ade kat cinema tp kiteorang baru nak tengok. HAHAHA.

Since its already 12.30pm so we're decided to have lunch first before skating. At first pikir nak makan kat TGIF or Nando's tp sbb both of that restaurant jauh drpd skating rink so we're choose to dine at Kenny je. The excitement was dominating us so dua2 makan cepat gila.

Actually both of us terlupa yang that day is Deepavali day and the ticket price during public holiday is double than the normal price but hey bukan selalu kan main ice skating so redha jelah bayar mahal sikit. Its hella pack okay that day sampai nak pakai skating shoes tu pon takde tempat nak duduk. Before this I always thought that the idea of standing on iron blade is ridiculous. I mean how on earth people can balance their body without falling when wearing that right ? But that was before, when I actually trying it by myself its not that hard to balance.

Here comes the most exciting part ! We entered the skating arena together with bunch of newbie there and we're kinda like making a line along the rink's rail and 'walked' slowly while holding the rail but person in front of me was super slow and I couldn't stand the slowness so i've decide to let go the rail and trying to move on my own. At first it was okay but suddenly, 'Gedebukkkkkkkkk', there was this one Chinese guy accidentally bump into me and its heckkkkk sakit okay jatuh terduduk. Somehow rasa bersalah pulak dekat Biha sbb tinggalkan dia and playing on my own tp sebab Biha taknak lepas rail but I prefer to skate in the middle of the rink. But the most funniest part was when me and Biha trying to walk together hand-in-hand and again, we fall. Dahlah jatuh berpeluk pulak tu and we're just keep laughing at how bad we're at skating. Luckily the people there are generous enough to give a hand and pull us whenever we fell. At 2pm they're having the ice resurfacing so we're not allowed to be in the rink. In the meantime,

After half an hour baru boleh masuk balik and there's few pro skater maybe practicing for tournament kot. Seriously they're so awesome and i'm totally awed when seeing them. Somehow i wonder how long does it takes to be as good as them ? Bila tengok dorg skate rasa mcm diri sendiri ni kecik sangat. lol. No jokes even few kids there are much better than me. Gahhhhhh itu lagi rasa mcm diri sendiri ni kerdil. HAHAHA.

Despite how bad i am and how many times i fall still taknak give up and keluar drpd rink because i believe practice makes perfect rite and somehow i'm kinda relating that with our life. Sometimes in life we might stumble upon something and fall; maybe because of our own mistakes or maybe because of others mistake, sometimes you might need others help to lift you up but another time you might had no one that you could rely on to give a hand and need to get up on your own, but whatever it is you still need to get back on your feet and keep skating. Despite how slow your progress or how bad you are at something just keep moving because you will eventually get better with time.

Suddenly while i'm playing alone there's this sorang bro tetiba datang and said,
Mula2 kaki kena bukak 45 darjah pastu bila nak start gerak sebelah kaki tahan, sebelah kaki lagi tolak. Then try to synchronize both of your left and right foot baru tak jatuh. You put too much tense on your left foot and only rely on your right foot to move forward sebab tulah asyik jatuh. Then he demonstrating the right way to do it.

And it totally works on me ! K maybe la not as smooth as the pro skater but its definitely better than before. To bro-whom-i-dont-know-what-your-name-is thank you so much. Your generosity will never be forgotten. My faith in humanity restored. LOL. And suddenly ternampak pulak Mimi and her friends dekat situ and just like me, Mimi was first timer too. Whenever Mimi jatuh she's gonna scream tremendously loud hokayyy rasanya satu rink tu boleh dengar suara dia. Lol Mimi lol.

Its about our movie time so me and Biha keluarlah drpd rink even rasa mcm tak puas je sbb baru 2 jam main but we're got movie to watch kan so terpaksalah keluar dengan berat hati. Byebye skating rink, till we meet again. Only then I realised that I was drenched minus my tudung. Seriously basah gila2, baju yg supposedly warna cerah dah jadi gelap sbb asyik tergolek je atas rink yg basah tu tapi nasib baiklah pakai jeans warna gelap. And not to bring baju spare was probably the most silly things i ever done. Somehow I looked like someone who just fell into a pool. Gahhhhhh stress gila pulak sbb tetiba kaki cramp time nak bukak skating shoes tu and memang dah start rasa sakit kaki at that time. And the worst part is i'm wearing a boots dahlah memang tengah sakit pakai lagi boots lagi berganda la sakitnya. Kalau tao macam ni better pakai converse or flat shoes je. Then me and Biha decided to singgah memane kedai to buy any outerwear or jacket or even cardigan for me sbb takut tak dpt masuk cinema basah2 mcm tu kan. But because we got movie to catch kan so tak sempat masuk banyak kedai plus cinema is on the top level while kiteorang at that time ade dkat level LG2 so memang kena rush and tak beli pon any baju terus je pergi cinema. Dalam hati dah gasaklahhh pergi jelah harap org yg jaga ticket tu tak perasan basah2 ni and luckily he didn't HAHAHA.

The movie has already begun when we entered the hall but nasib baru macam 5mins or so je. And trust me its ultimately freezing in there and i'm actually shivering while watching TMR. Biha keep asking okay tak chot? Sejuk tak? Tengok dah selsema dah ni. The only thing i could say is, dont worry i'm okay, sbb Biha ni pon kadang2 bebel dia tahap sama macam Zira jugak. HAHAHAHAH. In order to prevent the bebels overload i need to pretend that i'm okay tho i'm actually not. Just imagine when you're already drenched and kena masuk pulak tempat yg mcm 10°C boleh beku ke tak beku ? Right after movie terus rush pergi minum dekat The Pacific Coffee to get hot drink. The hot Mochachino doesn't seems that hot for me maybe sebab dah sejuk sangat kot
We're going back at 8pm something and by the time i reached KTM Kuang its almost 10pm already and its totally downpour at that time. And I'm just like to redah or to tunggu hujan reda sikit baru pergi dekat kereta? But seeing its getting darker and there's few creepy looking guy dekat station tu makanya gagahkan jelah diri lari dekat kereta. Kalau Zira nampak ni for sure non-stop membebel satu hari suntuk. HAHAHA. And i'm driving back with very slow pace sbb kaki dah sakit nak tekan minyak pon rasa lemah sangat. K over. And yes i'm having a fever throughout the night. HMMMM.

The day after was probably the hardest time for me. I'm waking up with aches all over me. I can't barely move. My legs feels like in great pain. I got blisters around my feet. The area around pelvic girdle and coccyx are the worst. Somehow i feel like paralyzed. I looked like a walking cyborg. Seriously rasa macam baru lepas kena belasah sakitnya. I never thought that the after effect of playing ice skating could be this bad. But seriously tak menyesal langsung and nak main lagi another time if I got a chance but definitely taknak jatuh2 dah. But the pains worth after all the enjoyable moments I got while skating

To Mr. Biho thanks a lot for the day. Definitely a day to remember. And thanks for being my friend for the whole 4 months and 2 weeks at Pilah. You're the very first friend that I made at Pilah and the only one yang pergi kelas sama2 tiap2 hari dengan kita without failed. Hari first pergi kelas pon dah chaos gila sbb awak terlupa nak bawak matrix card. HAHAHA. Muka kita muka budak yang selalu lambat sampai kelas sampai pernah kena aim dengan Miss Huda. Nanti kita dah takde awak pergilah kelas dengan Zira okay so that awak tak lambat lagi sbb Zira suka pergi cepat kan. Jangan tertido lagi before class Calculus like you always did. Jangan mengantuk2 lagi time kelas CTU cause i no longer there to urut2 and to cubit2 awak. HAHAHA. You're the very first friend yang mintak kita masak Lasagna and I really look forward to try your cooking another time okay. Thanks sebab selalu dengar kita bebel2, teman kita lunch, teman pergi beli my necessity even last minute punya plan, teman pakai masker sama2 while tengok running man, the one yang asyik nak bluetooth lagu english dlm fon kita sampai rasa mcm dah jadi supplier lagu pulak and the one that never say no to me bila kita cakap nak pakai baju warna sama. I guess u need to find another lab partner right since I'm no longer there. I will miss u sooo much Bihaaa. Keep on being the hardworking and clever girl like you always do okay. I will always pray for your success from afar.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Warm like a Mom,Cares like a big Sister

I might be bad at giving farewell speech but i'm the best at throwback-ing. (spoiler alert: this entry gonna be super long and quite boring to those who are not related so read at ur own risk okiesss !)

Being the only the girl among my siblings i can't helped myself from being sooo manja. I used to get pampered by people around me. And I tend to get overly attached to the person i'm comfortable at. As i grew older and about entering college i keep telling to myself that i need to get rid that kind of attitude. There ain't any eena or aten or even pasya at college. There's only me. All by myself. No one going to pamper and layan all my mengada like they always did.

But meeting Zira totally make me feel like its eligible to keep on being mengada like i always do, even when i'm already in college. I used to be very selective at choosing people whom i wanna share my secrets or problems at. I'm the kind of person yang tak boleh nak bottle up my problem sorang2, i just need to have somebody by my side whom willing to hear me, give some advice, comfort me or even scold me at how silly i can be bila tgh problematic. Sebelum masuk uni Eena always being the one yg dengar segala bebelan and stuff but since she's in matrix i'm kinda hesitating to spill everything to her like i used to because hey budak matriks busy kot kesian lah eena balik kelas penat2 nak dengar cerita i pulak. Plus its ain't fun to story mory kalau bukan face to face sbb tak boleh nak cubit2 kalau geram sangat or menjerit kalau marah sangat. LOL.

But Zira nailed it. She managed to make me told her about some relationship problem even when i barely know her. Maybe because of that motherly look of her kot yang buatkan rasa selesa nak cerita semua even when she's not asking me anything. She's just got the eyes that make me feel like 'yeahh all my secret gonna be save with her forever'. That's maybe how we got close. Bila dah start berborak dengan Zira takkan habis dlm masa 10-15 min at least mesti sejam. Because we just got so much things to talk together even if its just random things like our future or stuff like that.

Come to think of it, me and Zira got lot of differences but somehow that differences makes us being even closer. Zira just pro in anything that involve calculations like Chemistry and Calculus,tho dia kata dia tak suka calculations nehhh Zira i dont believe you. (Physics is an exception) but as for me calculations will always be somethings that i'm not very good at. And Zira makes a very good teacher too okayyy. There was one time I got significantly higher mark in Chemistry test compared to the previous one when Zira teach me. I'm having quite severe fever at that time and missed like 2 Chemistry classes so Zira need to teach me the new chapter from the scratch because we're going to have a test the day after. Next, I've got a tendency to wrap around my arms with the person's arm i'm walking with and its really fun to do it with Zira because she's much taller than me so somehow it gave me a safe feelings terutama sekali klo jalan dlm crowd because i tend to get pushed helplessly sbb pendek maybe. L-O-L

Zira also got a weird hobby which is to climb a tree. Yes you read it right. CLIMB THE TREE. Sometimes i feel like Zira will make a very good friends with monkey kot since they got the same ability. What kind of tree just name it Insyaallah Zira dah pernah panjat. I wonder if Zira love bananas too ? HAHAHA. Zira also one of the strongest girl i ever seen. She can change car's tyres all by herself okay. Even i couldn't do something like that despite the fact i'm a driver. K maybe because i've never get proper lesson kot since my instructor in driving school said ' Ala perempuan takyah nak susah2 belajar tukar tayar. Kalau tayar pancit ade je org datang tolong nanti ' lol. Zira also able to lift the 114.64 lbs me rather easily which totally make me surprised since i always thought that i'm soooooooo heavy. Seriously siap boleh pusing2 lagi. I'm just amazed with her strength as a girl.

Tho she might not look like one but Zira really got gigantic appetite. She can eat instant bihun sup for breakast,nasi and few dish for lunch,bubur nasi lepas HBU,burger for dinner and roti with mushroom soup for supper. #TrueStory . Which totally opposite with me. The total food i'm consumed for one day not even equal to half of Zira's. Zira hate to cook but love to eat, but me, I really really love to cook but not to eat. LOL. I just love to see others eat something that i cook. HEHE. And Zira totally fell head over heels for my Kek Batik and keep requesting that whenever i'm going back home. And even made me to promise her that I will make '7 Tingkat Kek Batik' for her wedding cake. HAHAHA Thought i already gave Zira the recipe, she don't want to make it by herself and slumber-ly said,
Memanglah awak dah bagi resepi tapi kita taknak buat sendiri sebab nnti kalau kita dah pandai buat awak taknak buat kan dah untuk kita. Double L-O-L

Zira also the very first friend that I look after at hospital . We berjoyah from night till dawn mcm takde patient lain dekat situ and only got like 2 hrs of sleep sbb doctors nak buat ward round. Zira is having a big crush at one of the doctor there and keep waiting for that particular doctor to check her up. But that doctor only come around like 3/4 am and we're asleep at that time but somehow i'm kinda like can sense someone presence since tido duduk ats kerusi kan so selalu2 terjaga so yeah dpt jumpa and he's really handsome. No wonder la Zira suka. HHAHAHAHA. But i'm just so selekeh at that time dgn tudung dah nak tercabut dgn muka bangun tido nya warghhh i'm so segan so terus buat2 tido balik. HEY DOCTOR WHY U NO COME EARLY EH? gahhhh

I often called Zira as Omma because she keeps on behaving like one. She knows that I can't get in contact with even slightly rain as i will get a massive headache and severe fever so whenever its raining or even just drizzle she would grab anything she could within her reach and put it on my head and berjalan lah kami sebegitu rupa sampai lah dekat kolej. Sometimes its kinda embarassing when people staring at us with a weird gaze and somehow it feels like they're saying 'eee mengada nya lah hujan sikit2 pon nak bertutup2'. But Zira insisting to do that, ignoring others punya tanggapan. There was one time, i'm coming back alone from Sg Buloh to Pilah and it was downpour on that day. Suddenly Biha called me and said that Zira damn worried about me but she couldn't call me sbb takde kredit and how Zira keep on bebel2 risau kalau2 Chot kena hujan and asyik pesan suruh grab anything to cover my head from the rain. There was another time when i bising2 lapar teringin nak makan bihun tomyam lepas paper CTU but too malas to go to Green Cafe and on that very night Zira come to my house with bihun tomyam. Aren't she just so lovely and motherly like ? Heck yesss for me !

I'm just the kind of person yang susah nak bangun pagi nak2 lagi kalau tido dah lepas pukul 3am. So during our final exam's Zira never failed to bombard my phone every morning when we got paper by calling me numerous time till I answer her and called again another 15-20 min just to check on me whether i'm back to sleep or not. LOL punya Zira.

Zira often asked me to sing lullaby for her as she said she couldn't sleep soundly if tak dengar my singing. Lol. Idk why but Zira said she just love this budak2 voice of mine tho i find it really funny okayyyy. But she can never look at me straightly whenever i sing infront of her. N there was one song that i practice so hard for Zira's lullaby which is Al Habib by Talib al Habib. It was the very first song that she introduced to me and i totally love it. But that song is just soo hard as the lyrics are too long and the melody is kinda hard to follow sbb kejap tinggi kejap low notes but thinking that she's gonna love it i keep on practicing. Ecehhhhh. And indeed, she's just love it and keep on playing that recording. GAHHHHH i'm so segannnnn.

To be honest the reason i'm kinda hesitate to leave UiTM is because of Zira. I mean its hard right to find a friend that will always support you when you're at your worst and being more happy than you are when you get something that you really want. The one that can stand all your annoying and mengada behaviour. Even aku sendiri pon kadang2 menyampah dengan perangai sendiri. LOL. I realize that we're can always befriend even when i will no longer be with Zira at Tapah but still when u always have that special someone around but suddenly that person takde mestilah rasa massive loss kan. I will always pray for you even when we already miles apart. Nnti kita takde jangan cari anak lain tao. Hmmm but hey Kundang dengan Sg. Buaya is not that far kan? I can always drive to Rawang whenever i feel like meeting you right Zira ? (time cuti sem la maksudnya)
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