Monday, 30 December 2013

Life Update

Its been a while since the last time i visit this blog.hahaha..so i've finish my spm and already finish my school..i am officially school leaver..there was one time time that i thought its really wonderful when you already finished high school.But meh i ain't feeling that way right now.I somehow feel lose.Maybe i still can't cope up with this soo-much-free-time life.LOL.

And btw i'm still in the process of settling my driving license.i'm gonna have my JPJ test again this upcoming thursday since i failed my first JPJ test last two weeks..i failed at the side parking element..silly u chot..but then again i don't really expect to pass that test to be honest since..yeah i've got tonnes of problem at that time..and i feel tremendously guilty to my parents of course since i have to ask for some more money to retake that test..and i feel guilty to busuk too..the only person that keep encourage me with all her inspiring advice and not to forget all her nags too..lol..hahaaha..i love u girl..

My actual plan after SPM is getting part time work..unfortunately i was choosen to take part in PLKN starting January 2014 till the middle of March..getting choosen to PLKN is probably the last thing i want n its kinda  nightmare for me..okay look i might sound exaggerate here but i really truly dont wanna go to PLKN because i'm not that athletic type of person and i dont think i can cope up with their extreme activies..and i easily fall sick too..terrible migrain and terrible menstruation cramp..i can barely walk during this time every month..mens cramp why u no go far away from me?i hate chuuuu..i've already done my medical check up with hopes that i wouldn't qualified to go to PLKN but mehh that doctors are soo cruel..they've passed me and i don't have any other choice..its look like i have to go in the end..but i heard previously an asthmatic wouldn't necessary have to go..i'm an asthmatic and why i have to go????why?whyyyyyyy?n the worst part is i have terrible homesick..i've never been part away from my family and how am i supposed to live without my mum?who's gonna pat my stomach during my mens cramp?who's gonna stay up putting a wet towel whenever i got fever?who's gonna nag whenever i don't feel like taking any medicine? mum i love you..

So i spend my little time before going to PLKN with not-so-productive activities i can say..hahhahaa..i've watch movies for entire day,chatting,baking,chilling around with busuk,exercising+lepaking at the park with busuk,watching running man with busuk,gossiping with busuk..meh i've done pretty much everything with u busuk..

And to be honest there is another reason that make me dont wanna go to PLKN and most likely to be the main reason but i shall keep if by myself..because mehh i ain't spilled everything here right..LOL

So thats all i think..Assalamualaikum..

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